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(no subject) [Aug. 13th, 2010|01:10 am]
I had jade colored eyes
That shimmered in the sun
If you stared at them too long
You'd catch a glimpse of what I'd done
The faces of the damned
And all the butchered lambs
If I had to do it over
I just would've done it slower

When we meet you will see
I will destroy everything of beauty
When we meet then you'll know
I'll be the axe that clears the forest

When I had my fill and tasted every kill
There was nothin' left to do
But bow out of this world
I heard tell of a place
Where the dead walk tall and proud
Where men like me were needed
To thin the growing crowd
Deep below the dunes I roved
Past the rows past the rows
Beside the acacias freshly in bloom
I send men to their doom

I spent those days runnin' hard and fast
With no place to lay my head
The sound of the rain against the roof
Was loud enough to wake the dead
And my legs were tired and my feet were cold
But all I could do was get back on the road

So I came upon a shanty town
Full of bitter men
Where carved into a crude wood sign
It read 'welcome to the end'
For a dollar you could buy a girl
Of every possible design
But you couldn't find one decent man
Or a word spoken kind
Whiskey was for supper
A man couldn't ask for better

We were left alone left alone
Every king on his lonely throne
We were left alone left alone
Every king on his lonely throne
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